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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


 DC Fireworks

Today is a big day... my one-year blogiversary!  A year ago today I was post-wedding, on a month-long stay-cation with nothing to more to do than indulge my favorite hobbies and interests... and lo and behold, Runty Mouse was born.

I had been in the contemplation stage of starting a blog for awhile at that point.  I was largely inspired by my sister's blog, Tidyowl, which she had incepted in June of 2009.  Once started, there was no going back - I was a blogger!

One blog I read often is named IS*LY.  This stands for "I still love you", referring to the author's continuing passion for all things crafty and hands-on in her life, despite a recent increase in family responsibilities and a priority shift away from her previous interests.

Wow, did that blog name strike a chord with me.  Part of the reason I started my blog last summer was to maintain a reminder of what I still loved, despite an approaching year of increased responsibility and demand on my time.  I highly value the simple things in life, such as spending time with family, enjoying nature, music, and of course, food.  Runty Mouse has been a constant impetus to enjoy those simple things, make them a priority, still love them - despite my busier-than-ever schedule.

I hope you've all enjoyed the year.  My blog doesn't have the largest following but it certainly has a loyal one!  I have loved reading your comments and getting your real-life feedback as well.  Here's to another year with you!


Margie said...Best Blogger Tips

Happy Blogiversary ! I look forward to each and every new blog.

Hogie said...Best Blogger Tips

Happy Blogiversary from the Bearded Wonder. So glad you have this outlet.

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