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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summery Pasta

Well.  Hello there.  This feels... rusty.  I won't spend too long commenting on my hiatus.  Suffice it to say I was "busy"!

Anyway!  I'm just finishing up an extra-long weekend and I've been back in the kitchen in a big way.  Amazing what you can do with a little free time here and there!  The first step was spending a little quality time on the Internet for some meal ideas.

So what's on the menu?  A delectable summer pasta by way of Smitten Kitchen.  (If you like that blog at all, you must know she's got an amazing looking cookbook out).  It is just too season-appropriate not to share with you.

The first thing that caught my eye was the farfalle:


So silly how you can like one pasta more than another just based on its shape.  But, silly or not, I love farfalle the most of any pasta!  (Fun fact: linguine comes second and orzo comes third.)

Two other ingredients, however, make this a summer meal: mint and snap peas.  Not a combination I had ever considered before (unlike the rest of the world, apparently).  But one that instantly piqued my interest.  Mint is so refreshing, but I don't often have it outside of a mojito.

Fresh mint

Chopped mint + herb shears

(The herb scissors are a godsend!  So much easier than chopping wet herbs.)

Here is the link to the whole recipe on the lovely Smitten Kitchen blog.  Inspired by her visit to Rome.  My only modification was to add some broccolini.  It caught my eye the grocery store - we usually don't have access to such exotic produce!  I added it with about 3 minutes left in the pasta cooking time.


I said the mint and snap peas really caught my attention, right?  Well, I can't lie - the ricotta and parmesan didn't hurt either...



And now here is the finished product:


Food porn close-up:

Farfalle with snap peas, broccolini and mint

I dare you not to try this!  With lots of fresh cracked pepper and a bit of sea salt.  Mmm.

Pasta plate