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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Eggplant season

I made my first trip to the grocery store in what seemed like a very long time today.  One of the things on my list was eggplant.  Somewhat like the rhubarb situation back in June, I have been seeing eggplant everywhere on the blogs these days.

As I moseyed up to the produce counter, I was greeted by this friendly fellow:

Eddie the Eggplant

He kinda reminds me of this guy:

[Tintin - photo found here]

At first I was going to name him - some early candidates included Andy the Aubergine, or maybe Eddie the Eggplant, but then I thought it would be too difficult to eat him down the road.  Which I plan on doing.  I just don't know which recipe will be his final resting place.

Baked eggplant?  [via Slash/food]

Eggplant marinara?  [via Heart of Light]

Or harissa baked eggplant?  [via Fig and Cherry]

It's going to be a tough choice!

Footnote:  a glimpse of our supper tonight:

Farfalle Alfredo

It's not getting it's own post since I lifted the recipe completely from the lovely blog s i x o n e s e v e n.  Worth a try - it was a simple and delicious recipe!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Mountains of the West

the three sisters

In late September
I drove across the Prairies
The mountains behind me
And the ocean beyond


This country's a coal mine
And I'm a canary
Turn out the headlights
And the radio on


All the lyrical details of Joel Plaskett's Light of the Moon don't match up with those of our summer roadtrip:  it was actually early August, we were driving in the other direction, and we did keep the headlights turned on at all times, Mom.  But the song has always evoked a feeling in me, a longing for that quintessential Canadian Road Trip, and it plays in my head when I think of our drive from Calgary to Revelstoke, to Kamloops, to Vancouver, to Sechelt, to Secret Cove and back again.  Me and my man and endless sing-a-long songs on the radio.

Lake Louise

[quintessential Canadiana]

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Granville Island

During our Vancouver sojourn, we packed in a lot of fun experiences.  One of the most memorable would have to be our visit to Granville Island.  Granville Island is located in False Creek, adjacent to Yaletown, where we were staying. 

[courtesy Google Maps]

With a home-brewing husband, it's hard to turn down a brewery tour whilst on vacation.  Especially when that brewery touts themselves as the oldest microbrewery in all of Canada.  The Granville Island Brewing Co. boasted at least seven brews during our visit.  The tour was detailed, informative, and included an actual taste-test of the various malted grains used in their brewing process.

Granville Island Brewery

My absolute fave, hands down, was the Brockton India Pale Ale.  Unlike some I am familiar with, this I.P.A. is true to its hoppy history.  The hops aroma, flavour, and bitterness were all present.  This is a trend I've seen in the past few years, with Garrison, Propeller, Sam Adams (and many more small breweries) earnestly using that fourth ingredient that the larger breweries seem hesitant to take on.

[under the Granville St. Bridge with the husband]

Next stop on the Island was the Public Market.  A veritable feast for the eyes, nose, and palate of someone who spends the better part of the year on a less-than-fertile island on the opposite coast.

Granville Island Market

Check out some of this produce!  Stall after stall was filled with fruits, veggies, and herbs to the hearts content.  I would have bought some to take back to Newfoundland with me, but after another week of travel it would be in the same category as our usual grocery store produce.

fresh produce

berries and cherries

There was a large deli selection as well.  Ranging from the usual:


To the exotic:


Yes, you are reading the sign correctly - it says camel.

Thanks for sticking with me through this long post, reader.  If you are lucky enough find yourself in Vancouver, I highly recommend a tour of Granville Island.  I know I'll be going back some day!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


 DC Fireworks

Today is a big day... my one-year blogiversary!  A year ago today I was post-wedding, on a month-long stay-cation with nothing to more to do than indulge my favorite hobbies and interests... and lo and behold, Runty Mouse was born.

I had been in the contemplation stage of starting a blog for awhile at that point.  I was largely inspired by my sister's blog, Tidyowl, which she had incepted in June of 2009.  Once started, there was no going back - I was a blogger!

One blog I read often is named IS*LY.  This stands for "I still love you", referring to the author's continuing passion for all things crafty and hands-on in her life, despite a recent increase in family responsibilities and a priority shift away from her previous interests.

Wow, did that blog name strike a chord with me.  Part of the reason I started my blog last summer was to maintain a reminder of what I still loved, despite an approaching year of increased responsibility and demand on my time.  I highly value the simple things in life, such as spending time with family, enjoying nature, music, and of course, food.  Runty Mouse has been a constant impetus to enjoy those simple things, make them a priority, still love them - despite my busier-than-ever schedule.

I hope you've all enjoyed the year.  My blog doesn't have the largest following but it certainly has a loyal one!  I have loved reading your comments and getting your real-life feedback as well.  Here's to another year with you!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Two weeks went by very quickly!  Perhaps because they were filled with so many fun and interesting locations, family, and friends.

I got back to my Reader today and caught up on innumerable unread posts.  Between those posts and the amazing vacation, I feel like I have a million blogging ideas swimming around in my head!

The first one is inevitable.  Bunting.  Inspired by my beautiful cousin who is celebrating her one-week-iversary today.


Isn't it lovely?  Her wedding tent (above) and reception site were draped with it.  She and her mother (an uber-talented seamstress) found gorgeous fabric and her mom sewed it up into the flags, to the tune of 500 metres feet! 

The bunting set the tone of the wedding as a colourful and festive affair (more photos of the wedding still to come!)  It also served as a theme, of sorts, that ran throughout the wedding decor.


Here you can see the bunting theme on the wedding programs.  This same pattern was included on the invitations.

seating chart

And this, my friends, is the seating chart that won rave reviews!  See how the guests' names are listed on each little bunting flag?  Brilliant.

Since my cousin started talking about her bunting, months ago, I have been drawn to it in all shapes and forms.  It can be used in many a festive situation, but I think it is particularly lovely at a wedding.  Please enjoy these select images from my favorite wedding blogs: