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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Why I'm not minding today's weather

It is a pretty grim day out there.


But I'm not minding it, because yesterday - thanks to Anna - I had my fill of beautiful weather and the outdoors. Blueberry picking!


The taste of the first blueberry sent me back to the early '90s. In a meadow somewhere in Eastern PEI with my siblings not far away. With a half-empty Country Crock tub in one hand, and a tongue stained blue.

But back to yesterday. The view was amazing, as is typical of the Newfoundland coast.


A nice cool breeze was blowing in off the North Atlantic, eventually necessitating long sleeves in spite of the mid-August sun. The hillside was very zen.


Now I'm looking forward to baking with the berries this week. Baking on a rainy day, perhaps?


Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

Dear runtymouse, I absolutely love the beginnings of your blog. I look forward to many beautiful photos of Newfoundland + great recipes and other general musings. Love, tidyowl

Sabs said...Best Blogger Tips

Love your Newfoundland blog. While you are on the west coast of the island, make sure you do some of the following:
*Hike Gros Morne mountain - take at least 3 L of water per person.
*Green Gardens in Gros Morne Park is really beautiful as well.
*Marble Mountain Zip Lining
*Western Brook Gorge Boat Tour
*Visit Blow Me Down area - there is a beautiful trail there that leads to a fantasic swimming spot - even though you won't be able to swim, it's amazing to see how clear and beautiful the water is. I heard there is also a nature hot springs in the mountains somewhere in that area ( haven't found it).

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