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Friday, August 21, 2009

This is our house

My husband and I moved into a new (old) house a few months ago. We are not yet prepared to buy, and are happy to rent this little place. It has several very charming features that are worth sharing.

For instance: the doorknobs. The amazing thing about them is that they all work perfectly, and are in place on every interior door.


Next: the fireplace catches your eye immediately upon entering the home. The original iron grating is surrounded by brick-look tiles and a cream-coloured mantle. We have yet to use it but it apparently works fine with those supermarket logs, you know the ones I mean.


Finally (for now): the tie rack. Smacking of 1950s professionalism, it is mounted in an upstairs bedroom. Since this photo was taken, it's been adorned with numerous ties. I think it's very happy to be in use once again.


I intend to make a future post once Mike and I add a few more charming details of our own to the place. Thanks for reading.


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