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Monday, August 24, 2009


During my blog surfing over the past few months, I came across this recipe for Coconut, Tomato and Lentil Dhal on Heart of Light.  I immediately bookmarked it, thinking I'd make it on some long winter's day.  Well, you know me and my tastebuds - I just couldn't wait that long.


Rachel at Heart of Light describes it as an "insanely delicious meal" and I would whole-heartedly agree.  There are many ingredients to the recipe.  Shockingly, I actually found everything I needed today at the grocery store - not something that often happens, especially when the delivery trucks have been stuck in North Sydney on account of a hurricane!  Normally I wouldn't include every last item in a recipe but this time I did and I can't imagine skipping on any of them.  Among the key flavours were the lime and cilantro... the flavour just explodes! 


And the toasted almonds added a perfect little crunch.


Now, I'm not gonna lie - most of my favorite 'homemade' curries in this life have come out of a bottle.  But it was fun this time to do it from scratch.  The only semi-hard-to-find item (in Newfoundland anyway) I think would be the garam masala... not sure where you'd find it, actually.  I had some in the cupboard that Dad had acquired at a grocery conference in Toronto.



So, consider this recipe recommended!  Let me know if you try it, and what you think.


Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

Looks yummy! I should send you my recipe for garam masala.

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

Oops - that was me (Michelle) who posted that...but perhaps you guessed...

Tarren said...Best Blogger Tips

Mmm, we've been looking for a good dhal recipe that we could make w/o a pressure cooker and didn't know if any of the ones we found online would turn out alright. Def putting this on our list of recipes to try! Thanks!

Tara (Arseneau) Lung

Laura said...Best Blogger Tips


It is soooo tasty! I've made it in the slowcooker and on the stove, and it works well both ways. You can play with the amounts depending on how saucy you like it.

And don't skip the almonds!

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