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Thursday, December 31, 2009

North side tour

I never have as much time in PEI as I'd like.  Already, I've left the Island, for a few short days in Halifax before flying back to the Rock.  When I'm there, I like to spend at least some time outdoors.  While Christmas holidays are pretty busy with indoor family events (as my last post discussed), my brother and I managed to get out for a morning drive out the North side.

the Northside

The drive was intended to not only see the countryside but to work out my favorite Christmas gift:  the Pentax K100D, given to me by my wonderful and thoughtful husband.  Hope you like the products of the photo shoot.

Rosehips and lichen in Bayfield:



Old buildings in Priest Pond:

old house

old barn

Lobster trap at Campbell's Cove:

Campbell's Cove trap

Fishing huts at North Lake:

North Lake

This goes to show there is great scenery in Eastern PEI, even on a grey winter day, even without a pretty snowfall dressing things up.  For some amazing shots of Eastern PEI, you definitely need to visit the Eastern Kings Meeting Place to look at the photo-of-the-day and link to the archives.  Thanks to Waldron Leard for all of his tireless work in making that site what it is - a treasure for all Islanders.

Until next time, PEI!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Family Christmas

Not one, but two families to celebrate Christmas with this year!  That involved a lot of road-running between the two homesteads, but of course the busy-ness was worth it - hanging with the parents, getting to see (almost) all the siblings, TWO turkey dinners on Christmas day, and multiple games of Settlers.

The Christmas trees:

 Hogan tree

O'Connor tree

The decorations:

glitzy decoration

village workers

The coffee in traditional family mugs:

Hogan coffee

O'Connor coffee

The Settlers!



Although we now need a vacation from our vacation, it was a wonderful visit.  Merry Christmas.  I hope yours was just as fun.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Old-school medicine

Vintage medical paraphernalia have a certain charm about them.  They also give me faint memories of the old hospital in my hometown, with all of its white-painted metal beds and cabinets.  There is something about mid-century (or earlier) medical items that seems so comforting and quaint.  Why not use some of these items as decor? 

I found these antique medicine bottles this summer at a yard sale on PEI.  Snake oil anyone?  If I remember to bring them back with me after the holiday, they'll join my insulator collection as window sill decoration.


Now how about a Snellen chart for some mood lighting?

Now, this set I just can't resist.  I need them on a counter somewhere, full of nice sterile toiletry items.  Say ahh!


Here is a medical cabinet that has been repurposed into a gorgeous display cabinet.  I love the clean lines. 

This is another attractive style of medical cabinet.  I'll take it without the bedpans!

I think this post just scrapes the surface of what's available out there in the way of vintage medical items.  Let me know if you find any other interesting vintage medical finds in your web travels!

Friday, December 11, 2009

The festive season has arrived...

We attended our first Christmas party of the season last weekend.  Well, two, actually.  But I only have photos from the first one.  Thanks for a great time, Melissa and Phil!

Christmas party

This party had plenty of good friends, great food, and two of the cutest dogs you've ever seen.  The table was laden with dips, squares (or, as the Newfoundlanders call them, "cookies"), phyllo-wrapped brie with red-pepper jelly, and some very classic, delicious gingerbread cookies thanks to these two:


Now, back to the dogs.  Two of the most beautiful, well trained boxers you'd ever find.  Also, very loving.  I was lucky enough to grab a selfie:

Boxer kiss!

I am so in the mood for Christmas!  The family, friends, food, cozy warm homes, and a little break away from school.  Hope you are celebrating the season, wherever you are!

Christmas tree