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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Living room... how to style it?

It's not often that I get to style a room!  But our new wedding-present furniture just arrived (thanks, parents!!), we have a new living room rug, and now I get to we get to (sorry Mike) pick out some fun accents for the room.  Here is a quick shot of the current living room:


Looks kinda bare, doesn't it?  I also have a few issues to deal with:
  • The room is pretty dark right now: dark furniture and dark wall paint
  • The colours of wall paint are interesting... orange and a dark yellowy-beige - they don't quite "go" with our new grey furniture
  • The curtain (came with the place) is bronze
  • The room is on the smaller side
So here are some ideas I've got for decorating it:

 This garden drum stool would look very stylish next to our chaise, I think.  I've seen one at our HomeSense that actually has a distressed damask print painted on it.

These are two posters I got Mike for his last birthday.  I think they will look fabulous hung in the living room.

To tie the mantle, the lamp and the rug to the grey furniture, I thought some ivory pillows may look nice, with some coloured accent pillows to brighten the space up.

Now I'm no style expert... I'm wide open to critiques and advice for this challenge!


nat said...Best Blogger Tips

I like your ideas! A couple of Etsy pillow shops I like are nenavon and rubystella - maybe this one? or

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