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Sunday, August 15, 2010


Two weeks went by very quickly!  Perhaps because they were filled with so many fun and interesting locations, family, and friends.

I got back to my Reader today and caught up on innumerable unread posts.  Between those posts and the amazing vacation, I feel like I have a million blogging ideas swimming around in my head!

The first one is inevitable.  Bunting.  Inspired by my beautiful cousin who is celebrating her one-week-iversary today.


Isn't it lovely?  Her wedding tent (above) and reception site were draped with it.  She and her mother (an uber-talented seamstress) found gorgeous fabric and her mom sewed it up into the flags, to the tune of 500 metres feet! 

The bunting set the tone of the wedding as a colourful and festive affair (more photos of the wedding still to come!)  It also served as a theme, of sorts, that ran throughout the wedding decor.


Here you can see the bunting theme on the wedding programs.  This same pattern was included on the invitations.

seating chart

And this, my friends, is the seating chart that won rave reviews!  See how the guests' names are listed on each little bunting flag?  Brilliant.

Since my cousin started talking about her bunting, months ago, I have been drawn to it in all shapes and forms.  It can be used in many a festive situation, but I think it is particularly lovely at a wedding.  Please enjoy these select images from my favorite wedding blogs:


Tidyowl said...Best Blogger Tips

Yay bunting! Awesome wedding and awesome post!

Margie said...Best Blogger Tips

I loved the bunting and the napkins as well. !

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