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Monday, August 30, 2010

Mountains of the West

the three sisters

In late September
I drove across the Prairies
The mountains behind me
And the ocean beyond


This country's a coal mine
And I'm a canary
Turn out the headlights
And the radio on


All the lyrical details of Joel Plaskett's Light of the Moon don't match up with those of our summer roadtrip:  it was actually early August, we were driving in the other direction, and we did keep the headlights turned on at all times, Mom.  But the song has always evoked a feeling in me, a longing for that quintessential Canadian Road Trip, and it plays in my head when I think of our drive from Calgary to Revelstoke, to Kamloops, to Vancouver, to Sechelt, to Secret Cove and back again.  Me and my man and endless sing-a-long songs on the radio.

Lake Louise

[quintessential Canadiana]


Margie said...Best Blogger Tips

I love that "the mountains behind me and the oceans beyond" such a great trip!, Glad you got to made the trip together!

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