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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Eggplant season

I made my first trip to the grocery store in what seemed like a very long time today.  One of the things on my list was eggplant.  Somewhat like the rhubarb situation back in June, I have been seeing eggplant everywhere on the blogs these days.

As I moseyed up to the produce counter, I was greeted by this friendly fellow:

Eddie the Eggplant

He kinda reminds me of this guy:

[Tintin - photo found here]

At first I was going to name him - some early candidates included Andy the Aubergine, or maybe Eddie the Eggplant, but then I thought it would be too difficult to eat him down the road.  Which I plan on doing.  I just don't know which recipe will be his final resting place.

Baked eggplant?  [via Slash/food]

Eggplant marinara?  [via Heart of Light]

Or harissa baked eggplant?  [via Fig and Cherry]

It's going to be a tough choice!

Footnote:  a glimpse of our supper tonight:

Farfalle Alfredo

It's not getting it's own post since I lifted the recipe completely from the lovely blog s i x o n e s e v e n.  Worth a try - it was a simple and delicious recipe!


Evan said...Best Blogger Tips

That's pretty good for NL produce! I hate eggplant... too spongy.

Margie said...Best Blogger Tips

I think you will need this.

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