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Monday, January 10, 2011

Kitchen favorites

After watching some teaser clips of this new web series out of PEI, I was really inspired to share some of my favorite kitchen tools and accessories.  This list is by no means exhaustive, as I highly value most items in my kitchen.

Kitchen cart

Our kitchen cart.  In a tiny kitchen with next to no counter space, we really needed a functional work space.  We cook.  A lot.  You may have noticed.  We found this little cart at Walmart of all places.  It's great.  Towel rack, spice rack, dishcloth-hanging-bar, four drawers, three shelves, granite and wood surface.

Anthro apron

My apron!  I've posted on this before, but it is one of my favorite (and beautiful) things in the kitchen.  Very useful, especially if you want to get supper going and you're still in work clothes.  Aprons are making a big comeback, you know.


The trivet.  This was made by my scientist boss back in my lab days.  He's quite handy, as you can see.  It's been through the wars though - a few scorch marks on the corks, some deeply embedded crumbs, and a few splatters of my husband's most recent blueberry adventure.


Upside-down glass rack.  This rack is one of two that came along with the house we are renting.  I need one of these in my next place.  Not only does it free up cupboard space, it lets you display your glasses and you don't have to wash the dust out before use.  Here is the story behind a few of these glasses.


Next - my microplane grater.  Have you ever tried to zest a lemon or lime with that really abrasive side of a box grater?  You know, the side that's impossible to clean?  After doing that about a dozen times, I realized I needed a microplane grater.  It has many uses - citrus zest, ginger, chocolate...


Oooh, this is exciting - a twofer!  First, let me begin with the knives.  These Grohmann knives are the first "real" set of knives we've owned (and maybe the last!).  They are handmade in Pictou County, Nova Scotia.  We received one as a generous wedding gift and used some cash gifts to finish the set.  I love them.  The bread knife is so sharp, Mike and I fight over who gets to slice the latest loaf.  Unfortunately, several dishcloths have been butchered as we've gotten used to having real knives around.

Secondly, take a look at that knife block.  Another genius item from Lee Valley.  This is one of those word-of-mouth items that we heard about from friends... now several other family members and friends own one!  There are no pre-sized slots in this knife block - each knife just fits in amongst the polypropylene rods.  You can have a unique knife collection and grow it and not have to swap out your knife block each time.

Garlic skinner

Now this little item initially seemed frivolous, but I have come to treasure it!  When you are prepping garlic, do you ever get frustrated trying to peel that last layer of skin off the clove?  I did.  I also ended up getting garlic bits under my fingernails.  Not anymore!  Pop a clove in this silicone roller and off comes the skin, NBD.

Well my friends, that's going to be all for today.  I still have lots of favorite kitchen things, though, so there may be a follow up post.

Now, please do me a favor and share with me YOUR favorite kitchen items in the comment section!  Links welcome!


Margie said...Best Blogger Tips

When you told me about the knife block, I wasn't sure what it looked like, but I see now. All great ideas, especially when you are starting out.

NicholeandRyan said...Best Blogger Tips

Laura! That zester thing! You may have just changed my life:)

J-Mo said...Best Blogger Tips

I will I will!!

Bonnie said...Best Blogger Tips

I think you know what is important! I have ziploc bags full of wine corks. I really need to think about making some of those trivets:) Your apron is lovely.

My favorite things in the kitchen? My cookbook collection and my Kitchen Aid mixer.

Tim Gallant said...Best Blogger Tips

Nice work on the lime/micro-plane collage shot!

Laura said...Best Blogger Tips

@Tim Gallant

Thanks Tim! I always admired collages but never tried it myself. Found some old scanner software that would do it for me. Gotta get some good photography software, though!

Laura said...Best Blogger Tips


Here is another great idea for corks (last picture) on my sister's blog:

Evan said...Best Blogger Tips

Just saw your silicon roller in action, food country episode 2!

Margie said...Best Blogger Tips

@Evan I saw that episode too ! Wasn't sure how it worked, great idea.

magi said...Best Blogger Tips

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