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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


After a lazy Sunday afternoon of watching old episodes of Mad Men and playing long-overdue catch-up with some design blogs on my Reader, I developed a hankering for some retro decor items.  Considering my current financial state, I skipped the mall and headed to Value Village instead.

And I scored!  In the "home decor" section my eye was immediately drawn to this set* of smoked glass drinking goblets.  Can't you just picture Betty Draper drinking just a little too much wine out of one of these?


[*not actually a set, but three out of four ain't bad for $3]

They looked strangely familiar until I realized I had seen almost identical glasses that day on Apartment Therapy, in a post about using goblets during the festive season to up your dinner-table fanciness.

[for sale here]

Other suggestions at AptTx included these amber thumb-print goblets:

[for sale here]

Much like the pair below that Mike and I received as a wedding gift from my uncle.  These belonged to my late grandparents.  We only use them on special occasions, befitting their unique history.


I agree with the original goblet post - they do dress up a table.  They are distinguished, and a bit regal.  Not for every day... to be saved for special occasions.  I hope to have many a happy toast with these vintage glasses.


Sarah Jones said...Best Blogger Tips

What a find! Sounds like a wonderful Sunday.

Margie said...Best Blogger Tips

very pretty !

Melissa said...Best Blogger Tips

Pretty goblets! I love scoring unique goblets at the thrift store. Just a couple months ago, I found a set of 6 olive green goblets for $6. After I bought them, I discovered that there were very similar goblets on "sale" at Anthro for $8 a piece! SCORE!

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