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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


June has been a great month.  Two visits from family and very recently, some nice weather.  On top of that, I've recently received some lovely treats!  Allow me to share:

The first one is a gift from my sister, Tidyowl.  I have mentioned before what a great gift-giver she is and the tradition continues!  She is well aware of my 'kitchen habit'.  On a recent trip to Edmonton, she visited Anthropologie and selected the cutest apron ever (see below).  She came for a visit just this past weekend and I was thrilled to receive it as a hostess gift!

new apron

Check out the quality and details below:



sweet li'l pocket

The next treats weren't exactly a present... well, they were the kind of present you get for yourself.  I have been admiring ohhellofriend's blog and Etsy shop for ages now and finally decided to indulge.  When the package arrived yesterday, I felt like it was a present - it was wrapped with so much care and attention to detail!  Just had to share:



lovely package


The items I chose were floral hair pins and a floral ring in an antiqued style. 

hair pins

hair pins



Not only were the items I ordered amazing, there were some fun little extras.  A bonus gift for blog readers, and sweet little stickers in the style of ohhellofriend.

blog reader gift


It was like Christmas in June! 

More posts soon...


Erin O'Sullivan said...Best Blogger Tips

I'm feeling that apron. Retro but funky.

Steph C. said...Best Blogger Tips

I've been admiring some of the items in the ohhellofriend's etsy shop. This blog post may have pushed me over the edge.

Tidyowl said...Best Blogger Tips

Glad you like the apron!

margie said...Best Blogger Tips

Love all the treats ! I remember my granny would always have an apron to wear. It is starting to come back around I think.

Laura said...Best Blogger Tips

1. Erin - is it wrong I want to wear the apron as an outfit?

2. Steph - have you seen how great her prices are? You can't afford not to!

3. Sara, love the apron and wish you were still here so I could wear it and cook you a real supper!

4. Marg - definitely fashionable again! Granny would be proud.

Sarah Jones said...Best Blogger Tips

I love your new apron and ohhellofriend treats! Hope to see you guys soon!

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