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Friday, June 18, 2010

Rhubarb-almond delight my name for the delectable dessert that is the Strawberry-Rhubarb Frangipane Galette.  This recipe was featured on The Dog's Breakfast, a lovely food blog.  I subsequently mentioned in my Rhubarb post.

Why the name update?  Mainly because my mother-in-law and I spent the majority of the week fretting over the pronunciation of the thing.  Until we found the Merriam-Webster pronunciation audio clips, that is! 

So it turns out that frangipane is simply a French word for an almond-flavoured custard, and galette is a 'flat round pastry topped with fruit'. 

As I've previously mentioned, I don't bake much except for the odd batch of cookies.  But my mother-in-law loves to bake, and is talented at it, at that!  So when she came to visit for a week after reading my rhubarb post, some baking was added to the agenda. 

My major contribution was dicing up the fruit:

strawberries and rhubarb

We spent the better part of an afternoon looking for almond-paste, first at Auntie Crae's (closed), Belbin's (only carry it at Christmas), and finally at Stockwood's (the one place in town where you can buy fondant icing, a lotto ticket, and a case of beer at 2 a.m.) 

almond paste

Almond paste (along with a lot of butter!) was the main ingredient in the frangipane:

frangipane in pyrex

Ok, who am I kidding, this isn't a picture of frangipane, it's a picture of the awesome vintage Pyrex bowl given to me by my sister, the best gift-giver ever.  This is the frangipane:


Yes, I somehow own a rolling pin...

rolling pin

M-I-L trimming the dough:

trimming dough

Filling the pastry:

preparing the galette

And now, the 'before':

ready to bake

And 'after':

ready to eat

It was delicious!  As the original blog post says, the smell is just heavenly.  If you still happen to have access to some in-season rhubarb, I definitely recommend!


Margie said...Best Blogger Tips

hmmm! I have a lot of rhubarb. Maybe I will try it.

Tidyowl said...Best Blogger Tips

Nice post! You are lucky to have such a talented baker for a M-I-L, I personally like her cinnamon rolls!

Evan said...Best Blogger Tips

Oh my, this looks better then the picture from you previous post!

Rob Lee said...Best Blogger Tips

Looks great! Glad it worked out well for you. :-)

Laura said...Best Blogger Tips

It was delicious, as seconds too! We cooked it for about 40 min and it was golden.

Thanks again for the recipe! I thoroughly enjoy your site.

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

Looks great. I was also recently inspired by all the fresh rhubarb and baked this Rhubarb Peach Cobbler
which was a hit with all my co-workers!

Laura said...Best Blogger Tips

Rhubarb is just so pretty and so plentiful, it's hard to not do something with it!

The cobbler looks delicious!

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