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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wedding Retrospective: bridesmaid thank-you cards

So as most of my readers know, Mike and I got hitched this summer.  The wedding and all its DIY/crafty goodness went down before the birth of my little blog here.  So I am starting a series of posts:  Wedding Retrospective.  There are several little projects I pulled off that I'll detail here on runty mouse.

The craft I'll show you today came about six months before the wedding.  My amazing bridesmaids and maid-of-honour had been listening to me waffle over wedding details, had all flown to Ottawa in November for a dress-shopping, girls-weekend excursion, and I was generally feeling like a very loved bride.  So I wanted to make up some thank-you cards for them, in advance of the wedding.

Our colours were pink, brown and ivory.  The bridesmaid's dresses can be seen below (in action!).

photo credit: C. Forbrigger via Facebook

I thought the dress symbolized the role the girls were playing.  It was a simple, clear image that would mean something to them on first viewing.

I found some beautiful, textured paper at Michael's to use as the "dress" - almost a velvet texture, with a lighter-toned damask pattern (I'm a sucker for damask).  The rest of the paper was lightly textured cardstock.  Mmmm, paper.

A mock up of the "dresses":


And now, the finished products:


It was a fun little project that certainly got me into the wedding planning mood and that I hope showed the girls how grateful I was (still am!) for their help and support!


Michelle M said...Best Blogger Tips

Oh, I just saw these! They are so cute!! You are very talented Mrs. Hogan!

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