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Monday, September 7, 2009


Mike and I were very fortunate this weekend to have some visitors from the "Mainland" (technically incorrect since they are both from islands, but in NL you just have to deal with the slang):

Tim and Doris!!

Tim and Doris on the East Coast Trail

Please enjoy the following photo highlights of our hike on the Cape Spear section of the East Coast Trail.  The hiking in NL is unbelievable - I've been on half-a-dozen beautiful trails within twenty minutes drive of St. John's.  It's healthy and rejuvenating and doesn't even feel like exercise (unless you're hiking Signal Hill!).  The trails are groomed just enough to enhance your hike, without taking away from the scenery at all. 

East Coast Trail

We even found a sample of the provincial flower of Newfoundland and Labrador, the pitcher plant.

Pitcher plant

One thing I don't have a picture of is the *whale* we saw - a chance sighting that really made our day.  T&D now have bragging rights when they head back to NS.  We feel very lucky to be in a city that is so close to nature.

Check out this view!  Mike is loving it!

hogie on the East Coast Trail

Thanks for coming, Tim and Doris!  It was great to have you here and you know you are always welcome.  Looking forward to seeing your pictures, too.


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