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Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Nation's Capital

Thanks to a miraculous five week break from school, I was recently able to take a little trip up to Ontario.  Maybe not the most intuitive winter destination... but I guess I'm unconventional like that.  Remember where I was last February?  And, as I write this, I'm as far north as I've ever been (but that's another post).

Ontario was my destination because it's where some of my favorite people live.  I didn't get to see all of my friends and family in Ontario, but I did see quite a few!  I made my first (and long overdue!) trip to London, breezed through Toronto and finally ended up in Ottawa.  My camera didn't really get any exercise until I got to Ottawa so that's where this post is focused.

Winterlude sculpture

February in Ottawa = Winterlude!  Celebrating all that is subzero.  Sadly, the day after this pic was taken, the temperature freakishly rose to about ten degrees and twenty-four hours later this grand sculpture was dribbling down Preston St.

Little Italy

Preston St.!  In Little Italy!  Just a stone's throw from my sister's gorgeous loft.  What a great place to live.  Pasta?  Check.  Pizza?  Check.  Amazing deli sandwiches?  Check.  Random cache of great imported Belgian beer?  Check.

Rideau with Sara

[me and sis, bundled]

Rideau with Burns'

[cousin and c-i-l joined us too!]

Luckily, after the great thaw, the temperature again plummeted to a respectable Ottawa-in-February level.  That meant the Rideau Canal was open for business - i.e. skating!


And of course, Beavertails!


Man, that was a delicious bite.  I hadn't had a Beavertail in years.  As you can see, I went with classic cinnamon-and-sugar.

Under the bridge

I had a wonderful time in Ottawa (thanks Sara!).  The National Arts Centre, the Rideau, strolling running-like-hell-to-avoid-hypothermia through the Market, and lots of good family and friend time.  And needle-felting.  And shopping.  And homemade gluten-free poutine.  And Belgian beer.

And a lot of Italian food.


Erin O'Sullivan said...Best Blogger Tips

Looks like a fun time! I'm more of a banana and nutella beavertail gal myself.

Laura said...Best Blogger Tips

@Erin O'Sullivan

That version is a very close second in my books!

Margie said...Best Blogger Tips

I think everyone goes for the beavertails and skating is just an excuse! It would be nice to say great pics of everyone but I don't recognizing anyone under all those layers. Glad you had a good time and great post.

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