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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Trinity Bight

Almost a month ago, now, my sister came to visit.  We packed in a very full weekend.  The following post is only a day's worth of our fun, but it's a long one, so settle in!


We had been planning for a long time to take a jaunt out around Trinity Bay, on the Eastern coast of Newfoundland, approximately three hours from St. John's.  There are a bunch of little villages in the area, including Port Rexton, Trinity East, and New Bonaventure - the whole lot is known as Trinity Bight.

Why this particular corner of the province?  Well, you see, there are two fascinating books we've both read by a lady called Bernice MorganRandom Passage and Waiting for Time.  These stories were eventually made into a TV mini-series also called Random Passage.  I have never seen the series, but was captivated by the books and the story they told.  My sister had seen the series and was equally captivated.  When we learned that the actual film set of the mini-series was located a mere three-hour drive from St. John's, we knew we had to visit.

You really should check out Random Passage (at least the book) if you have an interest in Newfoundland culture.  It is a fictional story of how an outport was settled in the mid 1800s and is just enchanting.  Here are some shots of the set, a look into Newfoundland's rich past:

the Rooms



Once our plans were made, I had several friends suggest a hike in the same area.  The Skerwink Trail is a part of the larger Discovery Trail.  In contrast to the Spout, the Skerwink Trail is a relatively easy 5.3 kilometre hike.  Like the Spout, it features stunning views and sea stacks.  We had a gorgeous afternoon for our hike.  Most of the hike consisted of soft forest floor paths.  We found the trail very well groomed, with boardwalks and staircases in strategic (read: muddy) places.

trail marker


wooded path

Trinity beach

We managed to fit all of this into just one day.  I have a feeling there was a lot left to see in the area.  A weekend trip there may just be in order!

Edit:  for more photos, see my Trinity set on Flickr


Margie said...Best Blogger Tips

Love the books and would love to see this as well. !

Tidyowl said...Best Blogger Tips

It was a great weekend!

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