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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Remember when you were a little kid, and the first dandelions came out in your yard?  You were so excited, and ran around plucking them from the grass.  You clutched them in your dirty, little-kid hands and fashioned them into a 'bouquet' of sorts, then ran inside into the kitchen, and proudly presented them to - who else - your mom.  Because you knew she would just love them.  Because they'd make her smile and make her happy!

first dandelions of spring

In retrospect, I can see this Spring ritual now from my mom's point of view.  Seeing the children running in the house and tracking red mud everywhere.  Accepting the 'bouquet' despite those little sliver-y black bugs she knew were infesting the blooms.  Despite the sticky white glue that seeped from the bottom of the freshly-picked stems and onto her daughter's new shirt.

But did my mom ever mention any of these things?  No, never.  She smiled and hugged me, and found a vase for her beautiful bouquet.  She placed it in the centre of the table and made out it was the greatest gift in the world.


Mom, I hope you know you are just the perfect mother.  Being a mother is your special skill.  I'm so grateful I came into the world as your child.  I could never be who I am today without you.  Happy Mother's Day.


Mom said...Best Blogger Tips

I remember those bouquets very well. They say when a dandelion turns white, you can blow on it and make a wish. When I see one, I will blow with all my might that all your wishes comes true! Love your, ever greatful for you, Mom

Tidyowl said...Best Blogger Tips

A tear just came to my eye, Happy Mother's Day Mom.

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