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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Gear for the yarn-addicted

Although I've been neglecting my knitting this year (with the exception of two sad and lonely projects, here and here), some friends have been diving into needlecraft with a passion (you know who you are).

In their honour, here are a few cool knitting accessories I've stumbled across lately.

Yarn catcher on Supermarket:

Stitch markers on Etsy:

Needle holder on Etsy:

Earrings on Etsy!  (Placed here for irony - I would never actually wear them.)

Knitter's t-shirt on Cafe Press.  (Get it?  A knit stitch is the mirror image of a purl stitch!)

Okay, not gonna lie, I might own the t-shirt.  My inner geek made me do it.  Don't worry,  I only wear it around the house...  (...with pride!)


Margie said...Best Blogger Tips

Oh, I am not sure Laura...who would know if you secretly have those earrings and wear them around the house. I will ask Mike just to be sure....

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