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Saturday, November 21, 2009

House update

I'm back!  Sorry for the ridiculous hiatus.  School got a little hectic there for awhile, but now I have a free weekend.  I'm very glad to have time to sleep in, catch up with people, clean my house, and blog!

So I made a previous post about our bare living room with some ideas to liven it up a bit.  Three months later, I have a response.  We did use most of those ideas and now have a very homey, cozy living room.

This is the before:


...and the after:

Living room

My favorite part of the room is the wall art.  It took the better part of six months to get the posters, find a frame (from Ikea in Ottawa thanks to some work by tidyowl), modify the mats and upgrade some of the frame materials.  Finally, they are finished!  Eye candy for the living room.

Concert posters

Finally, here is the part of the house I've been spending the most time in:  the study nook.  You can probably see my butt print in the chair. 

Study corner

I'm hoping to move back to the kitchen tomorrow - so watch for new posts!


Margie said...Best Blogger Tips

Looks really nice Laura ! Can't wait to see it in 3 d !

Tidyowl said...Best Blogger Tips

Love it! The pillows go great with the grey, looks very comfortable!

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