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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Santa Monica

Last stop on our California tour - Santa Monica.  What a spot!  Such a great place to truly enjoy yourself and your time off.  Sunny, blue skies, lots to do and see, and a very relaxed atmosphere that made me feel right at home, even on the opposite side of the continent.

One of the most memorable things we did in Santa Monica was rent old-school bikes and give ourselves a tour of the beaches and coast (Santa Monica, Venice, Marina Del Rey).

Santa Monica Pier

[the iconic Santa Monica Pier]

Beach bike trails

[bike rentals - best idea ever!]

Canals of Venice, CA

[canals of Venice - an easy stop on the bike route]

Pelican on roof

[lots of pelicans at Marina Del Rey]

As I mentioned, the area has a totally relaxed vibe.  The huge beaches, plentiful palm trees and gorgeous sun didn't hurt.

Venice Beach

[beach at Santa Monica]

Palm trees at dusk

[in love with palm trees]

Rock stars

[being Californian on Venice Beach]

We also hung with some locals at the Daily Pint and tried the stellar beer list there and at West 4th / Jane.  I think I've said this before, but Californians really know their beer.

@ The Daily Pint

[shuffleboarders @ the Daily Pint]

Look how much fun Hogie is having!

Carnival time!

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Love the post !

Laura said...Best Blogger Tips

Thanks Mom! You will have so much fun when you go!

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