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Sunday, June 12, 2011

European Adventure

Hello!  Anybody out there?  It's been a long - gasp! - six weeks since my last post!  I mentioned last time that I was going on a bit of an adventure.  Well, that I did.  My husband and I went on a two-week tour of Europe (a honeymoon of sorts - two years after the wedding!).  We explored the cities and countryside and sampled the best beer and food in the land.  And now I'm here to share it with you.

(If you did the math and can't figure out why a two-week trip caused a six-week blog hiatus, I also had a few other things on the go such as graduating, moving, buying our first house and preparing for a new job.  No big deal. )

There are lots of posts to come from the trip, but I'd like to start with a brief overview.

We travelled to Wallonia (in Belgium):


Bohemia (Czech Republic):

Prague Castle at night

And Bavaria (Germany):

Munich at night

We sampled fine food:

Spargel + schnitzel

and fine beverages:


We spent a lot of time in train stations:

Koln train station

And on trains:


And through the whole trip, we kept a journal (the old fashioned way - pen and paper)...

Beer cafe we'd remember all the things we wanted to blog about once back home!  There's lots more to come...


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