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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Swift Current

Ever heard of Swift Current, Newfoundland? It is the home of Kilmory Resort. We first heard about it at a silent auction fundraiser for Haiti last winter. They were offering for auction a two night stay in their finest chalet - and we took home the prize.

Kilmory cabin

[our cabin]

The husband and I finally redeemed our certificate last weekend. And what a prize it was. This is a little resort area tucked in the woods directly beside a quiet river in rural Newfoundland.  The cabin itself was well equipped with everything we needed, as well as a jacuzzi and fireplace!  To top it off, the weather was unseasonably warm and sunny.

Warm for November

This trip was so peaceful.  No internet.  No cell reception.  Just the two of us, a beautiful river view, the guitars (and the new mandolin).

Kilmory Resort

[cabin view]

Hogie on Mandolin

[the mandolin]

We also fit in a few hikes.  The first, at Garden Cove, was fun and quirky.  Someone had taken it upon themselves to decorate the trail with some folk art.  A few samples:

mystery chair

[some kind of Elk's Lodge meeting place?]

Antlers - Laura

[now I get it...]


[closest we came to cell reception all weekend]

The other hike was at the former Piper's Hole Provincial Park.  For reasons unknown to us, this park had been shut down for apparently several years.  The trails remained, and before we got too scared of bears, we did a bit of walking and got a few photographs.

Piper's Hole Provincial Park

[old bridge circa 1939]

Piper's Hole Provincial Park

[the river]

Pipers Hole Park

[fall foliage]

What a peaceful weekend - a real getaway.  Rural Newfoundland never ceases to impress me, and Swift Current was no exception.


Margie said...Best Blogger Tips

love seeing Newfoundland through your eyes !

SDT said...Best Blogger Tips

We went to Kilmory Resort when we were kids. I don't remember it overly well but this was a nice flash back! : )

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