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Sunday, April 11, 2010


Mike outdid himself today and whipped up a delicious feed of Eggs Benedict.  He is good at poaching eggs... but these were sublime.  To me, the perfect poach means the white is entirely cooked through, along with the outer rim of the yolk, leaving a golden pocket of warm liquid yolk in the centre. We had a little bit of ham in the fridge and a lot of baby spinach, so we mixed up the classic recipe.

Eggs Benny

I have to say, I think I preferred the spinach half; it let the flavour of the Hollandaise really come through.  (Before anyone asks, it's not homemade Hollandaise... although I do have a Julia Child recipe for it.  I WILL try it someday.)


With a side of juicy fresh pineapple and rich cup of Nova Scotia-roasted coffee (Just Us, my fave), it was the perfect brunch.

Just Us

Looks like I might have to start a new category for brunch! 


Tidyowl said...Best Blogger Tips

Can you make brunch when I come to visit? OK thanks!

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