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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wedding Retrospective: favours

Our wedding was almost seven months ago, but it's been on my mind lately.  I've also got several friends who are in the midst of wedding planning lately (exciting!!).  And so, I thought I would continue on with my wedding preparation series. 

This entry is all about the favours we gave to our guests.  Before I get into the assembly/design of the favours, I need to give a HUGE shout-out to my parents.  While I was in school in Newfoundland during the spring preceding the wedding, they made batch after batch of mustard pickles and salsa - the preserves that filled our favour jars.  My only role was in decorating the jars.  And I had help with that from both my mom and Mike's mom.  Our wedding would never have happened without support like that from our family and friends. 

So here is a little jar-decorating tutorial.

The required supplies:

  • coordinating fabric
  • pinking shears
  • raffia (craft straw)
  • double-sided tape
  • elastic bands
  • 2" circle craft punch
  • cardstock, printed with message
  • paper cutter
  • and of course, the preserves!
First step:  cutting fabric squares.  These were about 5" x 5" to fit our standard 125 mL preserve jar lids.  This step was definitely "rate-limiting", so plan ahead and enlist some help in cutting!  I chose pink- and ivory-coloured fabrics to differentiate the two types of preserves.


Next step:  punching out our labels.  I used a 2" craft punch (found at Michael's) for this job.  There are a few different types of craft punch; mine was the type where you could see exactly what you were cutting.  With some punches, you are cutting blind.  That would not have worked for these labels - we had them spaced very closely (to save cardstock) and had little room for error.  I first cut the printed pages of cardstock into strips, then cut each of the circles out with the punch.


A step I don't have a picture of is fitting the fabric around the jar lid.  We did this with elastic bands.  Raffia wasn't enough to hold the fabric in place - the elastic bands made the job a lot easier!

Next step:  raffia bows.  This step was a little annoying but the end effect was exactly what I wanted.


We then affixed the labels to the fabric with double-sided tape:


Here are two of the finished products.  They were a hit at the wedding.  The groom and best man even cracked open their mustard pickles at the reception!


Again, thanks to everyone who helped with the wedding preparations! 


Tidyowl said...Best Blogger Tips

It was a very special day that all your guests will never forget! You need to find another excuse to use the circle cutter.

Margie said...Best Blogger Tips

So happy we were able to help.

Nat said...Best Blogger Tips

Nice to see how they came together! I also love how you use the term "rate-limiting" - sometimes chemistry terms are the most accurate, aren't they? :) I use that one a lot myself.

Laura said...Best Blogger Tips

I agree, Nat! Other chemistry terms common in my vernacular include "catalyst", "precipitant", and "substrate".

This coming from two girls who once dressed up as complementary DNA strands for Halloween...

Michelle M said...Best Blogger Tips

They were so perfect...although I forgot mine at the hall!

Oh, and I use aliquot all of the time! ;)

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