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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Island Fall

You remember my anticipatory post about my trip to Prince Edward Island?  Well, I just departed after a full four weeks there, and I loved every minute.

The work I was doing required two hours of commuting each day.  It was quite possibly the loveliest commute on earth.  I was driving from Souris to Charlottetown somewhere between six and eight in the morning.  This typically involved a sunrise in my rearview mirror.  I saw lots of critters either waking up or heading to bed at this time: a couple of eagles, a pheasant (Or partridge?  Whichever one looks more like a football with two hand-held fans attached while flying), foxes, and the majestic great blue heron.

I'm not a crazy person so I didn't try to take pictures of these fleeting creatures while driving.  I did, however, pull over on occasion to try and capture the lovely scenery:

Single rainbow

[After seeing this I had the "Double Rainbow" song stuck in my head for days]

Rails to Trails bridge

[near St. Peter's]

hay field

[hay field, Primrose]

As if the commute didn't bring enough driving, I also spent some time touring around in my area.  This is the prettiest wooded area, known as The Glen.

The Glen

Deep in The Glen you can find The Big Tree.  It's an old beech tree that is shockingly larger than any other tree around.  It's a tree of legend in these parts - really makes you wonder how it survived all these years.

Big tree

No tour of Eastern PEI is complete without a visit to the beloved Basin.  Basin Head Beach is the place to be in summer, and even a visit on a gloomy fall day evokes memories of long high-school summer beach days.

Basin Head

Definitely got my PEI fix!  If only I can arrange to come back for good...


Margie said...Best Blogger Tips

I am keeping my fingers,and everything else, crossed !

Margie said...Best Blogger Tips

Your post made me think of this poem, Island Girl by Sarah M. MacDonald (1982-2005) a portion of it is here

"....It is my past and my life.
My Island is the foundation for my future.
It is my hope and sometimes my fears.
I love my Island.
I am an Island girl.

Michelle O'Bonham said...Best Blogger Tips

I hope that you can find your way back Laura. And Margie I love that poem!

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